About Us

About us

Aurus MedTech derives its name from the Latin word “Aurum” that means GOLD. Just as gold has been a sign of purity and high quality since the early days of civilisation. We at Aurus have embibed the same values in our Products and Processes. We aim to be the Gold Standard in Medical Devices in the coming years. Driven by innovation and a Strong sense of service we pride for the care and precision with which we make each and every product. A team of engineers that is constantly developing new products, we are dedicated and committed to the service of humanity. In an ever changing Healthcare ecosystem, we constantly strive to be at the forefront of patient care.When it comes to Patient care, quality is of the almost importance. Keeping this mind, we at Aurus, have an experienced team of engineers dedicated to Quality Assurance & Quality Control.


To create a global brand synonymous with Quality, Innovation and sustainability with its roots in patient safety, customer and employees satisfaction.


To ensure that our products are of the highest Quality standard while being affordable and available to all.



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